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Benefits of joining the C5C network

Annual conferences, financial protection, global coverage..... common advantages of a global network.
But we go beyond! Check out our multiple tools to make your membership with C5C even more beneficial!

Annual Conferences

Once a year C5C meets to give the group the perfect opportunity to network and to exchange business.  To balance the travel expenses we´re constantly holding our events in different locations around the globe. C5C hosted its AGMs already in beautiful places such as Barcelone, Vienna, Manila, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, Dubai and of course in our hometown, Munich.

Financial Protection Program

We continuously monitor business transactions between members making sure that everything is running smoothly within our logistics network. Our administration team monitors our members’ outstanding dues and sends out payment reminders when necessary. By working with one of our partners, you can rest assured that invoices will be settled and that you are working with a reliable partner.

Global Coverage

Lean back and enjoy the global coverage in more than 100 countries with our reliable agents!
Major markets, niche markets, we can offer you the full range of a well-established family of forwarding agents on all 5 continents!

what is the difference, what makes C5C so unique?

Hand Selected Members

Through our extensive travel all across the globe, we work to find the most reliable and stable partners to join our network.  This is how we ensure quality and constant growth, as well via personal recommendations and referrals.
Over the recent years C5C representatives travelled 100 countries all around the world.

Our administration is heavily involved in the quality of cooperation amongst our partners. Any issues regarding member reliability, disputes and financial issues are reported to the network’s management and will be taken care of immediately.

Shipment Obligation

Our tool for success and reciprocity is the "Shipment Obligation": we are not only asking for support, we want committment from our members. the shipment obligation policy is monitored by an online-software.  We ensure that our members are cooperating with each other to a certain extent and are also receiving an appropriate return of shipments.

Invoice Shipment Report

ISR – Our custom Invoice Shipment Report (ISR) system, takes care of ALL payment reminders of our network´s members and giving us a perfect overview about outstanding amounts within our group and about payment defaults.

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